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Welcome 🥳

Hey there you, so welcome to my personal blog. I think we’re gonna have so much fun. So, let me just break down what I do.

I’m a writer, and a content creator and just a general freak 😂😂😂 and so I decided that more people need to be let into this circus, you know what I mean?😉

So, basically, there will be three constant categories of writing that I’ll be posting weekly. There will be; Just Amy on Mondays, Life of a modern Feminist on Wednesdays and Sexcapades on Fridays.

Look at you go, perv 😏, don’t worry, I’m one too. So we’re perfect together. Now, besides all that, I’ll be posting content almost every other day. Poetry, fiction, some picture prompts, maybe even videos, we’ll see.

I just basically want us to have fun together and your comments are very important to me, so don’t forget to leave one, also follow, subscribe and comment too.

So, that’s basically what’s gonna be happening, and I’ll be dropping the introductory posts for the three main segments next week or if you’ll like me to drop the intros this week and move into content proper next week, let me know.

I know we’ll have loads of fun together, so just stick around.


Published by Samiat Olayide

Hey there! I'm a freelance writer and a podcaster. I create stories from words and build kingdoms with the flick of my wrist. I can create any form of written work you wish, from articles to short stories, script plotlines, or just short messages for shirts or your loved ones, if it's words, I can. Or if you're not in need of those and you're not the "reading" type, just follow me on IG and like my posts. Also, if you can, listen to my podcast as it'll mean a lot to me and don't forget to share. I. G. _amysartistry Thank you very much

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