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Hey guys, what’s popping. Welcome to this week’s post. How are y’all sexy asses doing? Lol, I’m doing great tho. Anyways, let’s talk sex.

“I swear Amy!” she proclaimed, “the guy fucked me so good, I couldn’t walk for hours and I could still feel him days after the meetup.” She finished with a smile on her face. I and Tola looked at eachother and burst into laughter.

“Honestly, Becky, you’re still with the small boys that pound roughly with no point?” Tola asked, and now I was curious.

“What do you mean?” I asked

“Any tom, dick and Harry knows how to fuck, but only real man,” her voice dropped to a whisper, “knows how to make love.”

Similar to that conversation, a while back my friends and I were talking about “having sex” as opposed to “making love”. To some extent, I feel we all already kind of have an idea what the difference is. However, is one better than the other? Does one hit different, what exactly makes having sex different from making love? I’ll like to point out that everything I’m writing from here on out are my personal opinions from my experiences, are not grounded in fact and you do not have to agree with them.

I personally don’t think one is better than the other, or that it takes special skills to perform one. A meaningless fuck is a situation where both parties aren’t involved romantically or otherwise. There’s no love or affection, sometimes with one night stands, no prior knowledge of one another. Just two humans being physically attracted to one another, periodt.

I’m not saying a couple can’t have random casual sex, but I doubt it’ll be meaningless as there’s a degree of affection for one another.

Now, people relatively associate making love with slow, gentle movements and while I do not disagree, I do believe there’s more to it. Making love I believe has more to do with intentions rather than actions. It’s mostly when two people love each other so much that they have to show it physically.

That is always characterized by cheesy romantic sceneries. You know, roses and slow music. Champagne and strawberries. Sometimes, just dimmed lights and slow thrusts as opposed to a quickie in the shower.

I believe however, that when you’re with someone you love and who loves you, you make love almost all the time. Fast or slow, hard or gentle it doesn’t matter because of intention.

When you have mindless sex with someone, you’re most probably chasing your individual needs and working towards it. When you’re with someone you love, you both are more interested in each other than yourself. Even if it excruciatingly hard, you still wanna be gentle. You want to be sure the other person feels comfortable. You make sure they feel safe and everything they’re doing is by their choice and you’re in no way forcing them. So, mentally and emotionally, you are already making love to them because you’re professing your love for them over and over again in the most instinctual and primal of ways even if it’s not in the conventional “make love” way.

So, while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with slow, gentle, sensual lovemaking, remember that even people who aren’t in love do that too and it doesn’t always translate to a deeper affection.

If you’re in love with your partner, you can show them that love everytime you get intimate and there’s absolutely no need to get caught up in the specifics.

Conclusively, in my opinion like I already said, love making or making love is about intentions and not necessarily the pace or force of your intercourse.

Do you have a counter opinion, any experiences or stories that beg to differ? I’ll love to hear from you all in my comments section, don’t be shy. Till next week my sexy munchkins, stay safe and stay sane.

Amy ❣️

Published by Samiat Olayide

Hey there! I'm a freelance writer and a podcaster. I create stories from words and build kingdoms with the flick of my wrist. I can create any form of written work you wish, from articles to short stories, script plotlines, or just short messages for shirts or your loved ones, if it's words, I can. Or if you're not in need of those and you're not the "reading" type, just follow me on IG and like my posts. Also, if you can, listen to my podcast as it'll mean a lot to me and don't forget to share. I. G. _amysartistry Thank you very much

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