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Just Amy

Hey guys, waddup! Welcome to…

Today, we’re gonna be doing things a little differently. So, I was gonna regale y’all with tales of my quarantined life, lol but then I realized that it’ll most probably be the same things. So I asked a couple of friends and readers to describe what their quarantine has been like and here’s what a few had to say.

Rollercoaster is definitely a word I’ll use in describing this period. From days where all I wanted to do was cry to days where my sister and I sang from the top of our lungs to lyrics on TV, my life is now a reality show at this point 😂😂😂

The lockdown has most definitely been crazy forcing us to feel a whole lot of things that we otherwise run from. It’s made the whole world slow down and reminded us that the real joys of life are when you’re slow enough to enjoy it, if only it didn’t take a worldwide pandemic to do the trick. This particular response hit different and I hope we all can relate to it.

Bottom line of it all is to try not to let your sanity go with your freedom. Take a deep breath and just take it slow.

How about you? What has this quarantine been for you? And now that it might be lifted, how are you feeling? Do drop your comments and you never know, maybe I’ll even post some of them next week.

Till then, stay safe, stay sane and stay healthy.

Amy ❣️

Published by Samiat Olayide

Hey there! I'm a freelance writer and a podcaster. I create stories from words and build kingdoms with the flick of my wrist. I can create any form of written work you wish, from articles to short stories, script plotlines, or just short messages for shirts or your loved ones, if it's words, I can. Or if you're not in need of those and you're not the "reading" type, just follow me on IG and like my posts. Also, if you can, listen to my podcast as it'll mean a lot to me and don't forget to share. I. G. _amysartistry Thank you very much

4 thoughts on “Just Amy

  1. I loved reading this…..This lockdown has been depressing…. I find myself drowning in the tides of loneliness…. I stay alone and all that….hope everything makes sense in the end though

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