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The Modern Feminist

For the longest time, women have been told what to do, what they can say or wear, or eat or be and I think that’s the major place that the fight for women’s right started. Personally, I think that Feminism is about equality but more than that it’s about choice and freedom.

I have noticed this unfriendly attitude of women who are supposed feminists going around bashing other women and feminists for their choices and saying that’s not what a feminist should be.

In an interview, popular actor and Feminist Emma Watson was asked about her vanity fair nude photoshoot and how that ties with feminism and she gave that response.

As a man or woman, what or who you are is solely dependent on you, that is what feminism is about. That choice, that freedom. If you go around telling people what they have to be like to Feminist, then how are you any different from the patriarchy who has told women who to be for centuries.

I was once in a discussion with a couple of people I think at SMW 2019 and I was talking about how much I’ll love to have a career that gives me the liberty to be home with my kids and just be very present, especially while they’re growing up, and the guy goes; that’s good, this is the way women should be, not all those feminists that like to fight for the head of the house. And how I’m supposed to give my husband his respect and all that nonsense and I just started laughing. Later, a lady that was part of the conversation came to me in private to tell me about how I’m not a true feminist because I want to end up in someone’s kitchen. šŸ˜‚šŸ™„šŸ™„

First of all, Mr, just because I want to be home for my kids doesn’t mean I won’t have a career or that I’m an housewife and even if I wanted to, it’ll be because I want to not because of the ego of my husband. And me wanting to be at home with my kids doesn’t make me any less of a feminist, that’s just my choice.

A lot of people don’t get that, a woman has the full right to decide what she wants to be and how she wants to be it. There are so many fulfilling careers out there to be chosen from, some very time consuming that requires a lot of travelling and meetings and the likes, others maybe not so much. If a lady chooses to open her own company, it doesn’t make her any more of a feminist or less of a woman than that who decides to be an housewife, the key point is that it’s their choice. Not one that was chosen due to a “pick me mentality” which we would still discuss, but because the lady wants that.

As Emma Watson already said, feminism isn’t a stick with which you beat other women with. Going around as the feminism police deciding what a feminist can and cannot do makes you no better than the system we’re trying to fight. So drop the judgement. If a feminist lady decides to be a nudist, before you go around saying she’s doing it for men, maybe think for a second that she actually likes that, understand that it’s her choice and cheer her on.

We should be each others cheerleaders not enemies. Find your truth in feminism but do not force that truth on someone else.

Stay safe, stay sane and stay healthy.

Amy ā£ļø

Published by Samiat Olayide

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