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Just Amy

Sooooooo, the fourth of May finally came and went. For those of you that had to go out, I hope the Fourth was with you šŸ˜‰ and I hope you stayed safe.

I gotta ask though, what is wrong with people? I just want to know. First things first, were ATMs shut down during this lockdown? I mean, to the best of my knowledge they weren’t but I could be wrong, I don’t know šŸ¤·šŸ½ā€ā™€ļø. The amount of people on queues today was just crazy. It’s like people don’t get the situation.

I’ll just like to point out that cases are still increasing and not reducing and last I checked, we’ve had more than 80 deaths. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not against going out ooo. Quite the contrary. It’s just, can you atleast try to be sensible about it!

And get me started on a lot of people today and their face masks too šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚. Oh, goodness lord. I saw things. Some masks didn’t even cover properly. They were so small that it was either on the mouth or on the nose and not both. A lot of people just hung theirs on the ear or below the mouth, ready to put it on if any law enforcement official passes by. Like you’re wearing it for them šŸ¤¦šŸ¾ā€ā™€ļø.

There were so many people clustered around like this ease of lockdown means the virus is out of the country.

It. Is. Not!!!

You are valuable to the society, one way or another, we still need you. If you have to go out or want to, there are ways to do it that doesn’t totally expose you to risks.

1. Wear your face masks at all times. Quality ones though.

2. Avoid, avoid, avoid crowded spaces. If you wanna use the ATM or go to the supermarket and it’s crowded, go another day!!!

3. Wash your hands like your life depends on it, because it does!

4. Also stop touching surfaces especially ones that are obviously exposed and unclean.

5. Most especially, stay indoors as much as you can afford to.

Honestly, I know everything I said up there has been said more times that can be counted but obviously people still aren’t listening. Remember kids, it’s a crazy world right now, safety is all you can give yourself now.

Also, before I leave, I should drop this;

If you are interested in it, you can click the link to join:

It will be an safe space to ask all your questions and air your thoughts. Come one, come all!!!

Okay guys, that’s it from me today, till next time!

Amy ā£ļø

Published by Samiat Olayide

Hey there! I'm a freelance writer and a podcaster. I create stories from words and build kingdoms with the flick of my wrist. I can create any form of written work you wish, from articles to short stories, script plotlines, or just short messages for shirts or your loved ones, if it's words, I can. Or if you're not in need of those and you're not the "reading" type, just follow me on IG and like my posts. Also, if you can, listen to my podcast as it'll mean a lot to me and don't forget to share. I. G. _amysartistry Thank you very much

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