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Heyo peeps and hoes alike, I’m sorry I missed last week’s post. Was feeling incredibly under the weather and my editor said not to post, so as not to risk substandard stuff. I’m still slightly ill, took my last injections today but we mooooove. Welcome to this week’s post on,

Malik promised to make love to me in a different way this time. had watched a lot of videos and read articles during the lockdown on how well to make love in ways your partner would never forget. I was enthusiastic and overjoyed, I got shivers when he said things he’d do to me and it felt like finally, I’d probably get my long deserved orgasm.
Fast forward and nothing feels different. He still kissed the rough way he does, he doesn’t even understand my body and my receptors to him. He kept pounding into me to fuel his ego “….you like that baby, you do?” And I’d moan and say yes to just fill it all the more. He is gonna cum, time to get into character, again.
“Yes baby, I’m gonna cum” I whispered to him, making my eyes roll and twitching a little.
“Me too”. He roared back. He got up and walked away to the bathroom and that was it. Another day, Another faked one

This scene would look very familiar to a number of us, maybe not the exact same situation but the end point. If it does, I’m sorry baby.

Over the years, it’s no news that girls have perfected the act of faking orgasms. At this point, the skill is almost ranked as high as cooking to be a “wife material.” Due the fact that so many guys are walking upandan with zero knowledge of sex and what it entails and girls are scared of asking for more for fear of looking like a “slut” or bruising his ego, we have many “Maliks” running around.

I wanna address the guys, but not yet. You guys matter is come back and meet, abowaba loro yin. (Ask a Yoruba person if you don’t understand)πŸ˜‚.

Girls, it’s you I wanna talk to fess. I need to know why you’re doing your sisters like this na. Don’t you understand what you do when you allow that boy to do nonsense on you in the name of making out or whatever. I won’t lie and say I’ve never been there, I have. So many fakes, when it really happened I wasn’t even sure sef. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

When you make a guy believe he made you orgasm, he goes around feeling like a champ who knows what he’s doing and he wants to spread it to the world as per master orgasm maker. In that vein, you are doing your sisters a great disservice because she has to endure a guy who not only doesn’t know what he’s doing, but has a inflated ego due to your lies.

Ladies, please talk to these men abi boys deni. Tell them if what they’re doing isn’t working, tell them what makes you tick, what parts of your body makes you weak in the knees. Don’t just lie there and allow them jab and poke you incessantly in the name of foreplay. If he tries to guilt trip you or anything, please walk out. You deserve better than that man child.

Now, guys, I honestly don’t understand how you can be so oblivious. I don’t blame you sha, but a lot of you have never made your girlfriend cum once in a 2 years relationship with an apparently active sex life. Ask questions, ask questions, ask questions. I mentioned this in my first post, don’t assume you know something because you read it somewhere. The body of a female is as unique as a snowflake, no two are alike. Even if you saw something somewhere, and you wanna try it out, that’s great. But check reactions, ask her if she likes it, if it feels good. Does her pussy clench against your fingers, is she dripping wet, are her eyes rolled so backwards it’s practically white or is it shut sooooo tight from pleasure. Not saying this is what happens with everyone, just pointing out different generic reactions.

If you are an attentive lover, some things can’t be faked. Make sure you put her in a situation where she’s comfortable enough to talk about stuff without being scared to bruise your ego or whatever. At that point, your mutual pleasure is more important. There’s something you don’t even realize, it’s that if a girl genuinely enjoys sex with you and gets proper orgasms, it’s you that will get tired. She’ll want to do it again and again. If your girl seems uninterested in sex find out if it’s due to a low libido or if you’re just crap at it.

So please boys and girl, let’s stop cheating ourselves abeg. If both parties enjoy it, the better it is for everyone.

As usual boos and baes, I wanna hear your thoughts. Have you been in such a situation? What do you think of it in generality? Till next time my lovelies, stay sane, stay safe and stay healthy.

Amy ❣️

Flash Fiction At The Top By: Oluwasemilore “Alpha” Adekanmbi

Published by Samiat Olayide

Hey there! I'm a freelance writer and a podcaster. I create stories from words and build kingdoms with the flick of my wrist. I can create any form of written work you wish, from articles to short stories, script plotlines, or just short messages for shirts or your loved ones, if it's words, I can. Or if you're not in need of those and you're not the "reading" type, just follow me on IG and like my posts. Also, if you can, listen to my podcast as it'll mean a lot to me and don't forget to share. I. G. _amysartistry Thank you very much

13 thoughts on “Sexcapades

  1. Orgasm is a very delicate sexual activity, not everyone know the ins and outs and are willing to know more. But this is quite insightful, we’d keep it in mind.πŸ™ƒ

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Orgasm sha… Very important.🌚
    Me I’m kuku learning from you till the day I’ll eventually practice πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜‚

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is such a candid article and as always I love that you put this out there.

    Communication is certainly key. I mean gone are the days when you’re all shy about asking intimate question to your partner. In fact, I admire it when a guy speaks up and actually asks. It always ends up to be quite enlightening for both parties.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Orgasm!

    I love this article. It’s so insightful. I really can’t relate to the fake orgasm though. I know most girls fake it and all but mehn, I’m crazy enough to wriggle out or even tell him to stop. By the way, my first clitoral orgasm was heavenly😭.

    Great job, Amy.

    Liked by 1 person

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