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The Modern Feminist

Members of Amy’s Clan, it’s another week, another blog post. Welcome to

So, these past weeks, I’ve been hearing a lot of people say “oh, Feminists are just bitter women” and bla bla bla, I laugh at you. So, we all know about racial discrimination and how for as long as we can remember, the black man has been chanting “black lives matter” as well as taking to the streets to fight for their human rights. Are you gonna tell me that black people are just bitter people? Or you want to say it’s not the same thing? Let me break it down to you.

For years, centuries even, women have been made to go through so much brutality and violence just because they are female just like the black men and women.

For example, those of you who don’t know Female Genital Mutilation FGM, also known as female circumcision, is the partial or total removal of the female private parts. There are various levels to it including the removal of the clitoris and sewing up of the vagina leaving only a small hole for menstruation. This is done to girls of 13, 16 years of age. Just incase someone wants to tell me boys also get circumcised, traditionally, boys get circumcised at about 9 days after being born. That’s on age.

Reason? Boys are circumcised for religious and health benefits although it’s been scientifically proven that not being circumcised isn’t a bad thing medically. Not to mention, circumcision makes the male anatomy look better. Girls are cut because of selfish and appalling reasons. Apparently, it’s meant to reduce the sexual promiscuity in girls and make them stay “pure” for their husbands. That is why it is done at an age which they will remember the pain and restrict them from having anything to do with sex or anything about it. And this is just one aspect of it. You can read more about FGM here: Female Genital Mutilation

Now, there are honour killings done to females. According to Britannica, Honor killing, most often, the murder of a woman or girl by male family members. The killers justify their actions by claiming that the victim has brought dishonor upon the family name or prestige. Basically it means women are killed by their own family members for bringing “dishonour” to their household.

Now these crimes are as frivolous as not covering their hair, seen hanging around a guy. I read about a lady who was killed with acid by her brother because she took a selfie with her fiance and was on short sleeves. She was killed because her arms were exposed!!! Do you understand that?!!! You can read more on honour killings here: Honour Killings

Now, besides those ones there are the general but absolutely despicable things women have to endure every single day of their lives. The sexual harrassment and abuse every time, The cat calling, the groping, being raped, slut shaming, the list quite frankly goes on. All these happen to us, not for any other reason but the anatomy we were born with. No other reason.

As Solomon has so rightly said, I am a bitter Feminist. If that means that I am and will keep fighting for my rights then I’m bitter. If it means I will not tolerate any sexist, misogynistic or apologist behaviour, then I’m very bitter. And I will keep being bitter for as long as things like FGM exist especially so widely.

If for some reason, you are a black person who is tired of racism and it’s disadvantages but you don’t understand what my Feminist fight is about, then you need some re-evaluation because it makes no sense.

This post wasn’t supposed to be this long, but now that I think of it, it can even be longer. I hope you get it now. If you do, please share this anywhere you can till others get it too. We should all be Feminists.

I’ll like to hear your thoughts as always in the comment section, so please indulge me. Don’t forget to like and share. Till next time, stay safe, stay sane and stay healthy. I love you.


Published by Samiat Olayide

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7 thoughts on “The Modern Feminist

  1. It’s funny how stuff like this gets pushed aside and is given little or no importance to.
    My mom told me of a country she visited where the bride price placed on women are so high that the men that want to marry them cannot pay and these women want children so all they do is have babies without fathers.
    And it’s the menfolks in their families that prepare the bride price.
    Also about a certain traditional where if women are raped they are killed because they do not believe that any man would rape a woman.

    It’s barbaric. These things should be shunned everywhere.
    Thanks for talking about this.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Having read Second-class Citizen by Buchi Emecheta and other stories that mirrors the plight of an average woman, I think it is safe to say that woman are not overdoing things for standing up and fighting for their rights. However, the concept of feminism have been misunderstood. While the concept covers knowing one’s Right as a woman and not being confined by society or culture, someone people have used it as an avenue to totally hate the other gender thereby turning it to a gender war. To correct that notion, I would say, feminist are humans fighting, protecting and securing the rights of the gender. No one should feel threatened by that.

    You’re doing a great job.

    Liked by 1 person

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