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I Need To Lower My Parents Expectations

Hello folks, welcome to yet another post on

And yes, you read the Header right, my parent’s expectations of me are high and I need to f*cking lower them.

I know it sounds weird because you might be like, why would you want your parents to think or expect less from you, well I’ll answer that with a scenario we might all be familiar with. You remember in primary or secondary school when there’s a test or assignment and some people did really well, say 8/10 or so and there were some people who had about 5/10. In that scenario, you expect the people in the former category to be applauded more than those in the latter right? But no, they’re not because they’re the supposed brilliant ones who maybe have extra lessons and do well all the time. So, the teacher expects them to be at the top always and it’s nothing new that they scored that.

Sometimes the teacher even scolds them and says they could have done better but those ones in the latter category are praised. They’re not the brightest and the teacher wasn’t expecting much from them anyways, so any point higher than their normal is seen as a surprise and the teacher is proud of them!

Now, I know you might not understand how that’s a problem but as someone who was this as a student, it is extremely exhausting trying to live up to everyone’s expectations and it’s even worse when you’re not even praised or applauded when you do cos well, they were expecting it! Now imagine having to deal with this at home.

I realized my parents have really high expectations of me and have a different standard for me than they do of my siblings and maaaaaaaaan, I’m tayad!!!😩

I can’t even be a bad child. I can’t do things I’d love cos they’ll kill me but when my siblings do the same exact thing, it’s free falling for them. I’ll give you an illustration. Recently, I wanted to go over to a friend’s place and stay over, first time in my life actually πŸ˜‚, and I was barely allowed two nights. Infact, on the last day, my mum started calling by 12pm asking if I’m on my way already, as how na?πŸ˜•

Just a week after, my brother leaves the house and was out for close to a month and we were all looking ooo. The agreed terms was one night, two at most and he passed that by 3 weeks. When he got back home, maybe 30 minutes of scolding and life’s back to normal. You can see what I’m talking about right?

Now, to my plans of lowering their expectations. I. Need. Help!!! If you have any suggestions for me, I’ll be happy to hear them all abeg πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί.

I am thinking, maybe I release a nude picture and have instablog blow it up, what do you think πŸ€”. I trust that one of you will be volunteering their houses for me to live πŸ˜‚ cos that’s definitely going to end in me being disowned.

Anyways, I just decided to rant to you guys as y’all are so easy to talk to. Don’t forget to drop all your thoughts in the comment section below. Also, if you’re still not following me by now, why nau? Are we fighting? Please click the follow button. Thank you 😊.

Till next week for another post, stay safe, stay sane and stay healthy. I love you all.

P. S. I am launching a new anthology that I co-authored very soon and would love you all to be there. Here’s the link;

Make sure to spread the word too. Thank you 😊


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