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The Ritual

Mondays are like that all the time. It starts with the noise from the basement, then the sound of the door from the attic like someone is leaving, but no footsteps are heard. Dad comes up to the guest bathroom. Bloodied and with guilt in his eyes. Today however, dad is sick, he overslept and I had to go to the basement, I was the one bloodied with guilt in my eyes, I had provided their protection for this week. The attic door is closed and whatever is there is back inside but there’s nothing strange about it. After all, Mondays are like this.

Three days later, Dad had travelled to Benin for a short while. He’ll be back on Saturday, he had to complete the rite on Monday. It was nighttime and I was already in bed.
Shelly was in bed too, or she was supposed to be.

It was just 12 midnight when I heard the sound. The attic door creaked, and a gust of wind flew in and blew my curtains up.
I figured that must have been what happened with the attic door and just ignored. I kept up with what I was doing.

Finding the right category on pornhub can be a hassle most times but when you can’t help it, you just can’t help it.

It was 2 am when I was finally done with my nocturnal activities. I made sure my phone was plugged in and charging, turned off the screen and fell asleep almost immediately.

I don’t know if it was the cold or something else that woke me up, but it was 5 when I was startled awake.
I saw my sister at the door, just staring at me.

“Shelly, what’s wrong?” I said as I readjusted myself into a sitting position,
“Can’t sleep?”

She walked forward into my room and the light of my bedside lamp illuminated her unicorns and monkeys pyjamas, and her left hand clutching to her teddy tightly. She shook her head slightly to my question, her full dark curls bouncing softly.

“He won’t let me sleep unless I woke you up. ” She answered me in her tiny voice,

” Don’t mind him, he…” like I just got my senses back, I trailed off,
“… Who won’t let you sleep, Shelly?”

She didn’t say anything but then turned around and started walking out of my room. I climbed off my bed almost tripping over myself in my rush and followed behind her.

“Who is he?” I kept on asking her but she said nothing. Just kept walking down the hallway and then up the stairs to the attic. When she got to the front, she looked back at me and then pointed towards the attic door.

“Him.” She shrieked out loud.
“He wouldn’t let me sleep unless I woke you.”
“He wouldn’t let me sleep unless I woke you.” Was all she kept repeating and with each sentence, her voice went higher and higher and then changed entirely.

She turned her neck to face me in the creepy way you only see in movies and I screamed and jumped back in fear, falling down the stairs in fear.

She started laughing, stopped abruptly and then moved her body to meet up with her head.

“I wouldn’t let her sleep until she woke you up too.” She said but in a completely different voice and then started walking down the stairs.

In my shock, I found it difficult to use my legs and then started crawling backwards. She kept on laughing as she came down the stairs and soon she was in the hallway.

Then out of nowhere, Shelly’s head started turning around really fast and each time her faces me, it looks less like her head and more like someone I don’t recognize until finally it stopped.

The person before me was nothing like Shelly. It had fangs, it’s eyes were out of it’s sockets and dangling by the veins.
The head was open and gray matter was pouring out.
Then in a voice that sounded very much like Shelly’s, it said,
“Danny, help me.”
And at that moment started moving on it’s hand really fast towards me.

I screamed.

© Amy’s Artistry

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