Letter To A God

Hey dude, what’s up? How’s it going?
So a couple of my friends have been tryna reach you.
Like all month long, something about some misfiring.
I really didn’t get that, not till now.

So, I gotta ask. Why do you have to do me like this?
I never asked for your shots,
Or to be the object of your target practice.
So why on earth did you see your bullseye on me?

It’s bad enough I was shot,
Now you’re gonna leave me hanging?
Without even a second person to pair with.
That’s harsh, even for you.

I thought as a god, you might be wise.
It seems the nectar might be making you heady.
I wonder if your mother would have much to say.
Maybe step back and have a rethink.

With your red arrow and bow,
Those white wrappers you call clothes.
Please fire the one you’ve made me fall for,
Or take your blasted curse and make me back into a hoe.

© Amy’s Artistry

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