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Just Amy

Okay guys, welcome. It’s time for another post on…

Yeah, that was the highlight of my week, the GYM.

Let me just catch you up real quick. I was on my own, just chilling ooo, when momma told me she registered to the gym. I was like, cool. You do you and all that, you know what I’m saying. Then she comes back after the first day, looking like a soldier coming back from war and according to her, feeling even worse.

I was like, those guys are pushing too hard but you can do it. Then the suggestion that will change my life forever came,

“why don’t you come with me?” She asked,

“it’ll make it easier.” 😂😂😂. And the good daughter in me said yes. Lmaooooo. And so, I dug my grave.

So, I got to the gym the next day, first things first, warm up. I went on one of those bicycle thingies but the standing one. 5 minutes in, I was already feeling dizzy 😂🤦. Worst off, the fan there wasn’t working and the whole place was boiling hot. I could hear the hair on my skin crackling. Jesus of Nazareth!

Ten minutes sha complete and I got down, had to get air. So I went to the men’s corner cos their fan works.

That’s how I was noticed, ladies and gentlemen, then the real workout began. Ahhhhhhhhh, my pipu. Hmmmmm, God dey. The rest of the day was a blur between me tryna keep my cool and not pass out at the same time.

These guys made me do 20 reps of sit-ups, 3 sets, twice!!! That’s 120 reps of abdominal massages. My stomach felt like led, hot led for the entire week. And another one was saying it should have been five sets twice. Chimooooo, these people are out for blood.

The next time I went there, I told them no abs workout, cos my launch was the next day and I would have liked to be able to laugh at my own launch😑. The guy available was like, no abs right, no wahala. My pipu, I realized too late that it was a personal vendetta 🥺. The guy suddenly mean me.

Let’s just say for now, I sit and stand like a 7 months pregnant female or an 85 year old woman. My back ehn, you din wanna know. On top say I wan fit. God dey!

The only good thing about this whole thing is that, dayuuuummmm, those boys are fiiiiiinnnnneee🤤

With their hot sweaty body, all the muscles and biceps rippling🥵. Watawu. So many fine children of women, daughter of Zion was very invested 😂😂😂.

Bhet, later when I’m in pains, I din really think it is worth it😩. Those people were just angry and transferring on me. Now I have to continue this week cos I’ve registered for this month. God dey sha😢.

Anyways, I also wanted to add that if you’re not in a certain level of self love and acceptance, knowing that you’re going to the gym to get better and not become someone else, don’t go boo. The pressure, the expectations, if you’re not firm in your own acceptance of your body, it’s easy to loose track and start trying too hard to be like someone else and that never ends well.

If you’re gonna workout at any level or in any form, do it for you, to make a better you, not to look like those people in the posters and on IG. Not saying anything is wrong with them, just that they’re not you.

Have you ever been to the gym or tried working out in the past or lately? Or can you relate to what I’ve written? What has your experience been like, let’s hear it. 🥳🥳🥳

Happy International Women’s Day everyone, till next week for another post on this segment. Stay beautiful


Published by Samiat Olayide

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6 thoughts on “Just Amy

  1. Well, I haven’t been to the gym before but at some point in time, I decided to do squats every morning and evening. Mehn, my body started sounding like am old jeep plying a rough road. The pain wasn’t from here😂. Although I was encouraged to continue by experts but nna ehn some battles are for the Lord.

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