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The Modern Feminist

Hello there folks! Good to have you back on…

You know, being the 21st century and all that skebab, the feminist movement has gotten a lot of traction and we’re moving forward you know. There are so many people who even believe that there’s nothing to fight about anymore and we should pack our bags and go home! How can we tho, when domestic gender roles are still very much an issue?

What the lack of a balance in general or domestic gender role does it that it creates a cycle. Now begs the question, are women paid less because they spend time working at home and don’t give as much at work? Or Do women work more at home and less at work and end up being paid less?

You might find it shocking to believe but a majority of working women do 70-80 percent more chores than their partners who are also and sometimes not even working as much. And females are generally paid less which is a battle we’re still fighting, so it makes it easy for the husband to ask her to quit and become fully domesticated.

Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong in wanting to be a full house wife and stuff like that. But as we’ve already established, it has to come from choice and not much of that is given when one is already being pressured by society and unfair work ethics.

If there’s a balance at home when it comes to domestic work, it’ll make it easier to give 100 percent at work or atleast the same as the male counterpart which then makes it a lot easier to demand equal pay.

Contrary to what the Telegraph might say, being part of a couple where you both do an equal amount of housework doesn’t condemn you to divorce, depression, and a dead husband by 33.

Obvious solutions, such as improved provisions for paternity leave, subsidised childcare, equal pay and others are still so far off but not impossible. Women are the pillars to the economy, we influence so many things. Companies and the government should be trying to pull more women out of the home and into the the workforce and not vice versa.

It’ll make for a better community and stronger country. And men, it really wouldn’t kill you to do your part. Notice how I didn’t say help? That’s because cleaning the house you live in, doing dishes you ate in, taking care of your own children is not “helping” your wife, it’s just doing your part.

Together, we can create a world that is conducive to everyone and have children who are more progressive thinking.

As usual, I wanna know your thoughts. Put them all in the comment section below. I wanna hear your experiences with this and what your solutions might be. Also, do you disagree? I want to hear it still.

Till next time my beloved.

Amy ❣️

Published by Samiat Olayide

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8 thoughts on “The Modern Feminist

  1. Great write up. I see this as an awareness. Nothing is impossible but it’d take a great, if not greater, work before this is normalised. Patriarchy has eaten so deep into the society’s thought. I’d like to borrow from Amarachi’s word though: change starts with women.

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  2. I agree 100%. Most people feel like working women won’t be able to balance work and home duties efficiently but this only an iota of truth if the man is not, as you said, doing his part. A stable and functional home, to me, is built by two equal partners, actively committed to the wellbeing of their household. We need to make this awareness. We need to say this more often. Women are paid less because it is perceived that they don’t get enough work done in the office due to their duties at home.

    This is a beautiful writeup!!! I enjoyed every bit of it!!!!

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  3. Well, I’m an egalitarian and I believe there should be no particular chore given to a gender. We shouldn’t affix a responsibility to a gender just because it’s what they are meant to do. Like you said, it’s the 21st century!

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